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Who We Are

New York Adventure Club gives you insider access to the city’s best-kept secrets. But we’re so much more than a tour company. 

We are a community-driven club that curates the most unique experiences in town, with a focus on history and storytelling. We show you a city you never knew existed, and offer a community you can’t live without. You won’t find our special-access tours and exclusive events anywhere else. 

Think after-hours tours of New York City’s most celebrated spaces, themed parties in unexpected locations, and weekend excursions to incredible destinations.

To ensure a one-of-a-kind experience each and every time, we handpick events and outings specifically for the New York Adventure Club community.


Our current community is more than 50,000 members strong and includes everyone from recent NYC transplants to lifelong residents. Whatever borough you’re from (or city or country, for that matter), we’ll make it easy for you to take full advantage of the unique places and great people this city has to offer.

In The News

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"If you’re up for discovering some of the most impressive off-beat spaces you’ll likely ever see in your life– this is what they do. It’s a small community that gets you into the places you normally couldn’t and tells you the stories behind them." Messy Nessy Chic  

"New York Adventure Club manages to get members into hard-to-reach, behind-the-scenes places with special tours and hands-on experiences" Daytonian in Manhattan  

"New York Adventure Club helps New Yorkers get in touch with their inner explorers through unique walking tours and events" 6Sqft  

"For the would-be urban explorer" Curbed

Awards & Accolades

  • Named one of the "10 Best Tours" by NYCGO.com
  • "People Love Us on Yelp" Award Recipient 
  • Named one of the best holiday gifts by TimeOut New York
  • Named one of the "15 Perfect New York City-Themed Presents" by Curbed.com 
  • Named Best Tours & Special Access Experiences Company - USA by Lux Magazine
  • Named Leading Organiser of Special Access Tours - USA by Lux Magazine

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By The Numbers

  • 48,000+ Email Subscribers
  • 44,000+ Facebook Page Follows
  • 7,500+ Instagram Followers
  • 5,900+ Meetup Members


Corey William Schneider

Corey William Schneider, CEO & Founder 

Corey grew up in Bedminster, New Jersey, roughly 40 miles outside of New York City. 

He attended Morristown-Beard High School in Morristown, NJ, and later American University in Washington D.C. After graduating from American in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree and specializations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Corey moved to New York City to work at Time Inc., where he worked for over 4 years in various Consumer Marketing roles including Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, and Paid Content Strategy.

In February 2016, Corey left Time Inc. to work on New York Adventure Club full time, which he began on his birthday, December 16, 2013.

Outside of New York Adventure Club, Corey's hobbies include photography, Fu-Jow Pai (Tiger Claw) martial arts, fitness and nutrition, singing/songwriting/piano, and playing ice hockey.

The Origin Story

When Corey moved to New York in late 2011, he fell into the dreaded “Manhattan Bubble” that so many new transplants do — that is, a world that revolved only around work, bars, and the occasional weekend brunches. In such an overwhelming city, it's far easier to stay in your comfort zone and stick with the places and friends that you're familiar with. It wasn’t until a full year later that Corey realized two troubling facts about himself — first, he was an extremely boring person; second, he lived in the greatest city in the world, but knew nothing about it. Every Monday at the office water cooler showcased this monotony, as his response to how his weekend went rotated between “Nothing much,” “It was good,” or the worst: “I relaxed.” To change the status quo, he made a self pact to explore a new neighborhood or community in New York City every single weekend. After two years and over a thousand visited locations in and around the five boroughs, Corey decided to create a Facebook group on December 16th, 2013 (his 25th birthday) to make it easier for his less adventurous friends to escape the "Manhattan Bubble." That group, originally called “New York Adventure Club for Non-Boring People," was simply a curated weekend newsletter meant to encourage his friends to do something interesting, anything for that matter, before Monday rolled around. The group name was shortened to "New York Adventure Club" after Corey realized that this community was not just for non-boring people, but also boring people who wanted to be less boring. After several months, it was clear that the weekly newsletter wasn't quite turning Corey's friends into diehard explorers, or even casual ones for that matter. As a last ditch effort, he decided to book a handful of tours at interesting locations around New York City with the hopes that if he did all of the work, his friends might actually show up. If this didn't work, Corey would discontinue the events and just use the Facebook page as a photo archive to look back at in future years. At around the same time, Corey was writing content for Untapped Cities, a blog that unearths New York City’s most unique and surprising places, stories, and events. He decided to write about the history of one of his upcoming tour locations and put a line at the end to RSVP for tickets through the Facebook page. Expecting nothing much to come of it, he didn't even bother creating a ticket page, and simply asked his friends to pay him cash at the event. It was a Friday morning at his full-time job when the article broke on Untapped Cities — within the first hour, over 100 strangers joined the group pleading for a ticket, who were shocked that they hadn't heard of New York Adventure Club before. This sudden influx of adventurers was the catalyst to build New York Adventure Club into both a community for local adventurers, and an organization that curates memorable and fulfilling experiences to help locals and visitors get the most out of New York City.  


"I joined the group out of curiosity. I've always been interested in exploring NYC and figured it might be fun doing what I enjoy with other like minded New Yorkers. That was back in April of this year and I have to say that it has to be one of the best organizations I've ever been involved in. The members are wonderful, friendly, outgoing and fun to hang out with. The events, tours or shindigs are top notch. If you have an interest in NYC, its history, architecture, culture, cuisine, places and venues, then this is the club to join. I highly recommend it to all New Yorkers."  

-Primo I., Yelp  

"I'm a lifelong New Yorker and recently had gotten very bored of doing the same old, same old with my friends on weekends. The city has so much to offer and I wanted to be a part of it!  

New York Adventure Club does a stellar job of creating events that are well organized and thought out. I know that when I go to an event, I will meet awesome people and explore a place that is interesting and fun! The people who come out to NYAC events, self select to meet others and have a fun day!  

There are also a wide variety of activities to suit anyone...some are free, some are paid. Some are more intimate (like the secret monthly happy hour!) and others attract a bigger group. NYAC and their team also do a great job of spreading the wealth across all the boroughs...events are not solely in Manhattan which is awesome for anyone who wants to experience NYC as a whole!  

The 5 star reviews say it all! Highly recommend, and if you see me at an event, feel free to say hello!"  

-Luyba Z., Yelp



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