New York Adventure Club events should be a respectful, safe, and enjoyable experience for everyone. The Event Conduct Policy is intended to set standards for participants to follow on their New York Adventure Club event. In addition to compliance with applicable rules/regulations at any destination the New York Adventure Club may visit, participants are expected to comply with this policy for the safety, security, and enjoyment of all.

Why have an Event Conduct Policy?

The New York Adventure Club is proud of our reputation as a professional leader in unique local experiences, and we work hard to make sure we stay there. We’re a community of diverse individuals united by a profound respect for, and enthusiastic belief in, our curiosity-seeking values, and each other. This unique combination of respect and enthusiasm prevents us from losing sight of what matters most – the interesting people and places in our local community – and reminds us that creating happiness is a privilege we all share together.  

New York Adventure Club experiences are about respecting people, places, and cultures

Our experiences are about mutual understanding and respect between peoples and societies. The resources involved in tourism belong to the common heritage of human beings and we have a duty to protect these vulnerable resources for future generations.

Respect people. Participants are expected to respect others. This includes other participants, New York Adventure Club staff, third-party service providers and the people and cultures in the destinations they visit.

Exploring in a group offers the opportunity to meet other participants and learn about other cultures, thoughts, ideas and values. This is one of the many benefits of group experiences.

When participating on a New York Adventure Club experience, keep the following in mind:  

  • Be aware of your own cultural values, biases, and how they impact your judgement of others.
  • You do not have to agree with the opinions or beliefs of others but you must be respectful of them.
  • Be polite, courteous, and respectful to event leaders and New York Adventure Club staff  

Abusive behavior or violence. We can remove you from an event immediately if we witness abusive or violent behavior or receive a report that you are behaving in an abusive or violent manner. This includes: using abusive, threatening, or offensive language towards others, uninvited physical contact, solicitation, harassment, vandalism, theft, violence, use of fake/false identification, underage drinking, providing alcohol to those under the allowed age, possession of illegal substances/items, or any other illegal or offensive conduct.

Physical relationships between staff and participants at events are prohibited. New York Adventure Club staff are prohibited from engaging in physical relationships with participants at events. New York Adventure Club staff are friendly, outgoing, and strive to provide amazing service. We select great people, and it’s their job to be helpful and ensure that each participant has a great experience. Respecting the boundaries between staff and participants is important for the safety and well-being of everyone involved. 

Illegal drugs and alcohol. Participants are responsible for their actions at all times. Consuming alcohol in excess impairs your judgment and reduces your ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Participants who choose to consume alcohol do so at their own risk. Excess alcohol consumption that puts you, other participants, or New York Adventure Club staff at risk is grounds for removal from an event. Use and possession of illegal drugs and other illegal substances are prohibited. Participants who abuse illegal substances are subject to arrest and prosecution under applicable laws and removal from their event. 

Safety, privacy, and security. Participants should immediately report any concerns about safety, privacy, security, or unsafe or illegal behavior (before, during, or after an event) to their event leader or New York Adventure Club staff member. Participants who engage in communication with another attendee who did grant permission, can result in being removed from an event, or the community as a whole. If you fail to immediately report these concerns, this may delay our ability to respond to the situation. 

Respect places and cultures. You may be visiting sites that are holy or significant places within specific cultures. When visiting a place, please do not forget its primary purpose and respect its meaning to others who are present. Ask about and respect dress codes. Ensure that you have permission before taking photographs of people, and that it is appropriate to take photos in holy or significant places. Be respectful and be mindful of noise levels, especially in residential areas and at night. 

Minimize impact. Do not remove objects from the natural environment or any site you visit. Do not remove artifacts or historical objects from a site or purchase them illegally.

Swimming and water safety. Water safety is important for swimmers of all abilities. Do not swim or participate in a water activity alone, after consuming alcohol, in an unattended area, or after sundown.  


If a participant fails to adhere to this policy and we determine, in our discretion, that there is a concern for the safety, security, or well-being of others, New York Adventure Club may [1] remove the participant from an event immediately, and in certain cases, [2] ban the participant from attending future events. New York Adventure Club may also report incidents to local authorities and seek other legal action where appropriate.  

Participants removed from an event for failure to adhere to this Event Conduct Policy are responsible for all costs related to their removal including accommodations and transportation home at their own expense. No refunds will be issued if you are removed from an event because of a violation of this Event Conduct Policy. 

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