UrbExpo 2018

Beyond a City’s Limits

Call for Submission for the 3rd annual NY Adventure Club UrbExpo held at Jefferson Market Library on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 from 8-11pm.  

What is UrbExpo 2018?

The New York Adventure Club’s 3rd annual UrbExpo is a pop-up art exhibit documenting urban exploration subcultures. In the past, the focus of this event has been on New York City. This year’s showcase expands. We’ll be celebrating beautiful remnants of our ever-changing urban environments, highlighting the broken and abandoned, and unearthing the forbidden. 

And we’ll be doing this, again, within the old gothic walls of the infamous Jefferson Market Library. Greenwich Village itself offers a perfect setting for our photos, videos, installations and music. Once an uptown hotbed for NYC outcasts, this thriving market-turned-courthouse-turned library is now a centerpiece of downtown creative culture and an embodiment of UrbExpo’s explorative spirit.  

The Call: 

The Library will be divided into sections with individually curated themes. This call is specifically for “Beyond A City's Limits”, and will be located in the library’s incredible basement. The space is gorgeous, with exposed bricks and big steel beams! I am seeking artwork that showcases cities around the world. 

Imagery of subway tunnels (MTA tunnels in NYC?), abandoned buildings (abandoned Philadelphia schools?), entire communities evaporated (swaths of Rustbelt cities like Detroit). Any city will do, but I’m looking specifically for on-topic art that crosses a line. Please note, abstracted pieces inspired by global urbex will not be selected. I’m looking for visible representation of the direct theme here.  

Submission Details:

  • Submission Deadline: Friday, March 16th
  • Acceptance Notification: Sunday, April 1st
  • Artwork Drop Off: during regular library hours between Sunday, May 6th and the Run-Through on May 12th
  • Exhibition Run Through: One week prior to the event, on May 12th, we will hold a run- through. This will serve the dual purpose as a rehearsal for finalizing arrangement and display of art, and as a behind-the-scenes exclusive preview and sales opportunity for press and VIPs. Specifics will be sent out upon acceptance of art. 
  • Exhibition Date: Saturday, May 19th, 2018.
  • ArtWork Pick Up Date: If not directly after the show, art should be picked up that following week during regular library hours.  

There is no limitation to medium!!! All submissions are to be emailed to Qori@mswrittenart.com.  

Visual Artists: Please submit up to 5 pieces in a JPEG. Please include the piece’s title, dimensions, medium and piece price. Installation Artists: Please submit images, sketches, links to proposed installation with a written description of piece. Videographers: Please submit a link to your video.  

All visual artwork MUST BE READY TO SHOW. This means: Pieces be framed or otherwise presentable. Installation will be discussed with curators upon acceptance. Please keep in mind that this is a pop-up exhibition. We do not recommend submitting overly complex or fragile art.  

Commission and curital fee: There is no submission fee for this call. However, there will be a $25 curital fee once accepted. This fee is to cover the hanging, promotion, and sales management of the artwork. All sales will go through event curators. Artists are encouraged to engage guests whenever possible during both rehearsal and main events… this definitely strengthen sales! The commission rate is 75% to the artist.